Shimmerian Jewel Of Mine
(Usemade Heaven Or Hell X Steephill Tiffany Star)
Health results:
Hips: A/A
Eyes: Clear/Distichiasis 9.11.2006
8xBOB Veteran
2xBOS Veteran
1xBIS-1 Veteran
2xBIS-4 Veteran

Miina was the eldest dog here for a many years, her eyes and ears might not have been at their best anymore  but it doesn't affect in her life. She was still almost as lively as she was when a tiny puppy cockerspaniel. Miina has always been the police of the pack, telling others how to behave if a brawl and most of the time it works. In her temperament Miina was just like a cocker should be; happy and friendly, and wagging her tail all the time. And I mean the tail never stops :)

Miina was the proud and stunning mom of four Shimmerian litters (H, E, O, G), one can look for a better example for a dam than she is.

She has been shown with some success, several BOB and BOS placements and in her older days BOB- and even BIS-veteran placements! Unfortunately she never passed the spaniel ability test, she obviously thought one cannot do all the sections at once. Separately they went well. Because of this she never gained her ch title even if her results would have been enough.  Miina also tried agility, but it just wasn't her thing. Well, the treats would have been ;)


Miina passed away almost in age of 15 years. She had very bad pyometra what took her in only a day =(. Miina had long and good life and we will miss her greatly. The best and easier cocker you never can get <3 Run free until we meet again <3


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